We (and our friends) are having a sale!

  I don’t think this needs much more explanation! All of us at Dynamis, and a few of our friends are blowing up the internets, with over 30 books, all on sale for a buck a piece – all for the FIRST TIME. See, I told you it didn’t need much more explanation. Head on over to the sale page … Read More

The Supernatural Chronicles: New Orleans is ON SALE

And boy do I mean they are on sale, all ten novellas – in one beautiful box set – all for a buck! A buck! Thats all ten novellas, all together – all for a buck. I don’t think you could pass this up if you tried. This is an amazing set, written by ten amazing authors, from ten amazing … Read More

Hello Everyone!

You have found us! The home of Dynamis and all the crazy awesome authors that call it home. The site is still under construction, but check back soon for all the latest and greatest news from our authors, and from our best selling Supernatural Chronicles series.